Friday, July 8, 2016, was a good day for birds and butterflies at Frontera Audubon even with the extreme heat and humidity.

John Yochum from our neighboring park stopped by and recorded this list of 23 species.

6 Black-bellied Whistling-Duck
6 Plain Chachalaca
1 Green Heron
1 Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
2 Killdeer
6 Inca Dove
11 White-tipped Dove
32 White-winged Dove
3 Mourning Dove
6 Buff-bellied Hummingbird
1 Green Kingfisher
1 Golden-fronted Woodpecker
1 Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet
5 Brown-crested Flycatcher
6 Great Kiskadee
2 Couch’s Kingbird
5 Black-crested Titmouse
4 Clay-colored Thrush
8 Northern Mockingbird
2 Olive Sparrow
4 Northern Cardinal
4 Great-tailed Grackle
8 House Sparrow

Chris also reported a Black-necked Stilt and two Ladder-backed Woodpeckers.

As for butterflies, we have Crimson Patches. And Mike Rickard saw a Boisduval’s Yellow, maybe the first one for our site.  Chris also spotted a female Silver Emperor.

All in all, it was a good day!



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July 9, 2016 · 12:33 PM

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