A note from our volunteer photographer Bill Kennedy

I send my photos to Frontera Audubon and others in the hope that some of them may be helpful.  The Louisiana Waterthrush movie was my first useful contribution. Someone must have put it on the Internet because people showed up for several days to get a sighting for their bird list.

I retired early, young, and poor in order to spend more time in the beautiful outdoors.  My late wife and I spent the summers in the Colorado mountains, much of it above 8,000 feet with packs on our back. I took four cameras, including two Nikons, and shot thousands of pictures using mostly Kodachrome.  See one below where I’m I’m standing on the Continental Divide at 12,000 feet a few miles from Silverton.  The man with the backpack is a scoutmaster.  His eager boys have left him far behind.
We spent the winters in Florida and the Bahamas on our sailboat.  Beautiful, as you can see in the second photo.  Someone is flying a kite from their sailboat.  Can you find it?
I really appreciate the kindness of the wonderful people at Frontera Audubon, both staff and volunteer.

Colorado Rockies



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