Summer Nature Talks draws to a close with presentation by Martin Hagne

Martin Hagne presented “Rio Grande Through My Eyes” for our final Summer Nature Talk. We went on a visual journey across the Rio Grande Valley, checking out his images of beautiful landscapes, wildlife and people. Thank goodness Martin carries around a camera when out and about for fun and/or scientific field studies, because he has captured such exciting and surprising shots. Thanks, Martin!

On a side note, I have to say thank you to everyone who participated in the Summer Nature Talks. Thanks to our new and longtime members for coming to the presentations, and a special thanks to some Midvalley Campus STC students (and the instructors who understand the importance of educational public programming). Huge thank you to Maurie Haas for graciously and tirelessly supplying the refreshments over the course of the eight weeks. (It was such a nice treat to have those refreshments after a long, hot day!)

Gigantic thank you to Arnold, Rose, and the entire staff of the Weslaco Public Library for allowing us to have our first-ever Summer Nature Talks at the Braught Theater! It was such a success. We served around 400 people in the community by offering this program, and we are so grateful!

Finally, thank you, Jim Chapman, for your fabulous Summer Nature Talks idea! Good one!


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