Bad things happen in our environment.  That we know.  But sometimes the crisis lands on our doorstep.  Sometimes the pollution is in our backyard.  And sometimes, the threat to a cherished place or habitat, spurs us to action.

A new book chronicles the stories of Texans who have been compelled to protect the natural resources of this state … the wildlife, the parkland, the waters, and the very air itself.  The book is The Texas Legacy Project:  Stories of Courage and Conservation, a compilation of oral histories beautifully edited by David Todd and David Weisman. In this book, sixty-two Texans speak out about their efforts to preserve and protect the abundantly rich, natural legacy of their diverse communities.

David Todd will be spending the afternoon of Saturday, Jan. 8 at Frontera Audubon talking about the project which is sponsored by the Conservation History Association of Texas.  The project is archived online at and is the basis for a beautiful 280 page volume of inspiring essays.  Todd will begin his presentation at 1p.m.; Frontera members are admitted free; others will be charged the usual $5 entry to Frontera Audubon.

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