Butterfly Guide is Quite a Guy!

Butterfly expert and Frontera’s guide for September and October is a renaissance man.   Mike Rickard comes to the Valley by way of Houston with an impressive skill set!  Here’s a surprise!  Pick up a cd in Frontera’s gift shop and hear Mike’s music…

He’s 67, born in Austin, but lived most of his life in the Houston area.  He began collecting butterflies when he was 7.  He joined the  Lepidopterists’ Society in 1966 and did extensive field work throughout Texas for the next 30 years, with some significant distributional and life-history accomplishments.  He then distributed his collection in various institutional and private collections, and turned to other interests.  When  Mike’s wife, Ginny, retired in 2008, the couple moved to the Rio Grande Valley and Mike got re-involved with butterfly activities, with Ginny becoming an increasingly skilled field companion.    Mike no longer collects specimens, in preference for the camera and binoculars.  In the one  year+  that  he and Ginny have lived here, they’ve photographed nearly 200 species including several U.S. records.  They wish to thank the other regional butterfly watchers for alerting them to the presence of many of those species.

Mike’s primary focus these days is observation of butterfly-habitat associations and life history studies.  His special interest group is the skippers, always a challenge!


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