Volunteers Busy Preparing for Tag Sale

From left to right: Nick Arellano, Christine Warren, Sam Willson, Maurie Haas, Jaime De La Cruz, Sam Rios, Vicky Rodriguez and Cristian Escanuela.

Under the direction of Board member and volunteer fundraiser Maurie Haas, volunteers and staff are cleaning, pricing and organizing items for next week’s Tag Sale fundraiser.  In addition to the many, many interesting items, there will be music by Carlos Canas and baked goods prepared by the Fabulous Frontera Bakers.  The gate opens at 9 a.m. on Saturday, July 24.

Volunteers pictured above from Payne Motors in Weslaco have volunteered to deliver unsold items to charities in the area following the sale.  Thank you Payne Motors Sales Dept.!


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One response to “Volunteers Busy Preparing for Tag Sale

  1. Cristian

    I’ve seen that the goods that Frontera is going to showcase are both exceptional and affordable and the sale will certainly be a success. Your donations WILL rake in profits,large or small, that Frontera management can use to continue their mission of wildlife preservation and interpretation.

    The throw pillows are in great shape and are high in comfort level and should be on the top of your buy list in my opinion.

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