Frontera's summer interns include: Vicki Rodriguez, Stephanie Valdez, Jorge Sanchez, Rudy Nava and Roy Nava. Cristian Escanuela is not pictured.

This summer, Frontera Audubon is happy to have on staff, thanks to a State of Texas grant through Workforce Solutions, Inc., a group of incredibly gracious, hardworking young people doing their summer internships working in the Thicket, the Butterfly Gardens, and removing invasives from the wetland area.  During the recent tropical storms, the crew has been a great asset with their strength and stamina in the hot, humid weather.  Frontera’s fence line has been cleaned up, 15 yards of mulch and compost is being spread, and everyday the group is on the trails removing downed limbs and stopping the encroachment of wildly happy natives on the trails.  Recently, the group heard a presentation by Board President Jim Chapman on the importance of removing/controlling non-native plant species in the Thicket and then embarked on an “all out war on coral vine” which has taken  a stranglehold on several native areas in the past few years.  Also, the summer interns spent a Saturday morning helping local organic farmer, Ray Anzalduaz, preparing his fields for planting and learning just how difficult an organic growing site is to establish and maintain.


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