Donald Brown Returns to Catch Turtles

Donald  Brown returned yesterday to set his traps in the wetlands and to tag turtles.  This time 2 red eared sliders made their way into the sardine-baited traps.  They were tagged and released to be monitored in 6 mos.


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  1. Cristian Escanuela

    Today marked yet another victory for Frontera and its wildlife. Thanks to the tagging of its turtle population the Audubon will be able to determine the health, diversity and size of some of their most interesting inhabitants.

    Red eared slider turtles are omnivorous meaning they eat both plant and animal matter. The two male sliders that were caught today were both in good shape and size meaning that the ecosystem of the wetlands is in very good condition.

    Donald and his team of field operatives are collecting turtle population data from all across the valley and are even going to relocate a five foot alligator from a retirement community.

    Due to having great luck on this trip Donald has decided to extend his stay at Frontera Audubon and will continue to bag and tag our turtles till the end of the week. Which I am very excited about.

    I strongly encourage you to attend Fridays nature walk as you will be able to see and learn more about this needed and very beneficial task.

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