Investigate Waymarking and Geocaching .. a fun and interesting way to know the area

Gary Cardogan visited Frontera recently (see previous post “One Champion Sabal Palm Coming Up”) in search of an inventory item on his Waymarkers’ List.  Well, Gary has done his homework, and now five new Waymarks have been documented at Frontera Audubon.

Gary says “Here are the five new Waymarks at Frontera Audubon. You can view them by going to

When you get to the web page, just below the big red “W”, click on “Waymark search”

Under “Find Waymarks:” click inside the box “optional keyword” and type in the Waymark code and press search.”

WM91MH “’National Co-Champion’ Texas Sabal Palm” (Champion Trees)

WM91RT “In Memory of Patti Flores” (Dedicated Benches)

WM91T1 “Frontera Audubon Center” (Birdwatching Locations)

WM91TF “Frontera Audubon” (Butterfly Gardens)

WM928Y “Frontera Audubon Visitor Center (Guest Books)

Two other Waymarks at this location were written by JimmyEv from Houston.

WM3RB6 “Frontera Audubon” (Official Local Tourism Attractions)

WM2K4H “Skaggs House” (Texas Historical Markers)

Thanks to Gary for taking the time to investigate and document some interesting elements at Frontera.  We’ll see how many Waymarkers visit this year in search of inventory items in this growing past time.


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