Eastern Amberwing at Frontera.

Carmine-skimmer at Frontera Audubon on Wed., June 9, 2010

Dragonflies and damselflies are found in the insect order called Odonata.  Dragonflies have hindwings that are broader than their forewings.  Damsels have fore and hindwings that are the same shape.  If this sums up what you know about our fine friends of a hot summer you owe it to yourself to come walk in the Thicket this summer with Master Naturalist John Thaxter.  John takes groups out each Friday morning at 10 a.m. for a guided nature walk that will deliver you back to the Visitors’ Center in time for a cold drink.

The Frontera Wetlands are wild with insects and the dragons and damsels are actively preying on our thriving mosquito population.  With a little bug spray, you can enjoy the aerial circus while taking a walk on the boardwalk over the marsh.  Here are a few of the remarkable odonates seen recently in the Thicket.

Thanks to Dan Jones for photos.

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