In Memory of a Fine Volunteer

On Sunday evening, friends and family of Patti Flores met at Frontera Audubon to tell the story of a wonderful woman and a loyal volunteer to the cause of our nature preserve.  The evening is recalled by Jim Chapman, Board President and friend to the Flores family:

If you’ve been to Frontera very often over the past 9 years you’ve likely seen Patti Flores.  She and her husband Charlie have not only been good neighbors of Frontera but fond supporters, as well.  They have volunteered countless hours at the Visitors’ Center doing whatever tasks needed to be done, always with a smile and good cheer.  Better ambassadors for Frontera we could not have asked for.

Patti died on February 9 after a 6 year struggle with ovarian cancer.  Up until near the end, she continued coming to the Visitors’ Center to help out.  And I like to think, the beauty and tranquility of our beloved Thicket was a help to her, as well.  On May 10, we dedicated a bench, especially made by local craftsman Agustin Escanuela in honor and memory of Patti.  The Flores clan was present, and Charlie was especially pleased, saying that where Patti’s bench is and will be was one of her very favorite places.

Charlie Flores relaxes in “Patti’s Bench,” a spot for all visitors to Frontera to sit and contemplate nature and the loving work of a treasured volunteer.


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3 responses to “In Memory of a Fine Volunteer

  1. Patti Lynn was my cousin, and I am grateful and touched to read this post and see the spot that she wrote me about so often. She did indeed love Frontera, and the birds.

    How lovely of you to put up a bench in her honor, and I hope it provides a quiet spot for birdwatchers and nature lovers for years and years to come. Thank you so much.

  2. Nikki Fisher

    Patti loved nature to her core. You would look through her pictures and wonder where are the people?She always had pictures of plants, flowers, animals you name it whatever it was it was rarely human 🙂

    Growing up Aunt Patti taught us to respect all of nature and appreciate what it has to offer. We went on many hikes growing up to many different places. I wish deeply that she was still here to show my daughter all that she showed me. I will do my best to show her , but it won’t be the same.

    I miss my Aunt Patti !


  3. Kathi Hertzel

    This is an awesome post that reflects on how much my sister loved the Frontera . She talked about it often. Thank you for keeping her memory alive in one of her favorite places.


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