Scavenger Hunt at Frontera

It’s a pleasure when one of our young visitors stops by for the first time and completes the new Scavenger Hunt recently created by volunteer Cristian Escanuela.  Cristian is one of the “Wetlands’ Boys” so busy in the Thicket removing invasives in accordance with a grant from the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory.  When he’s not wading thigh-high in the marsh to remove guinea grass or painting Brazilian pepper with herbicide, Cristian is a very talentedyoung artist who created the logo we are using for the upcoming Birdathon 2010.  In addition, his sketches are included in the Scavenger Hunt which we use to introduce new visitors to the Thicket.

Recently, 7 year old Matthew Palmeri, his younger brother Jordin, and their dad stopped by to add some birds to Matthew’s growing list.   Each Spring vacation, the boys’ dad treats them to a trip somewhere in the U.S. from their Nashville, Tennessee home so that Matthew can grow his list, currently at 255.  He was able to add a few choice birds during his time at Frontera Audubon, and Jordin enjoyed completing the Scavenger Hunt, receiving his book bag prize, and the three took off for Big Bend and the rest of their trip.


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