Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009 was a great day to eat barbecue at Frontera Audubon, and many visitors from the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival in Harlingen enjoyed the fundraiser lunch, then departed for the Thicket to spot the following: Northern beardless Tyrannulet, Blue-headed Vireo, Black and white Warbler,Tropical parula, Clay colored Robin, as well as some quite fetching butterflies like the Ruddy daggerwing and the Many-banded daggerwing.

Others were doing some nature journaling, and one of Frontera’s treasured volunteers, Walt Heid, offered this excerpt:

“Come go with me into the thicket, my friend. Leave the endless noise and hectic pace of society. Bring only your thoughts, your vision, and the time to enjoy nature. Join me as we view the white fluffy clouds as they float across the blue sky; as we listen to the gentle breezes flowing through the trees; as we smell the fragrance of clean, crisp gulf breezes. Enjoy with me, the serenity of peaceful coexistences and the sensation of being FREE.”


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